Prayer Requests

Request your personal prayer petion(s)be heard in the prayers and Services of The Friends of St Peregrine Scotland.

St Peregrine

over a year ago by Jean Byrne Pray for me

Mrs Ceilia Lyons

over a year ago by A M Doocey Pray for me
We are all praying for her and hoping for a full recovery

family situations

over a year ago by Annette Pray for me
Pray for Aiden who is sick.Pray for Liz,Ryan,Ann

sick dog

over a year ago by suzanne o'meara Pray for me
please pray for 1 of my dogs who has a few lymph swellings for many yrs , but he is still able to manage well & no worse symptoms occurred . if St Peregrine does pray for animals - then please pray that my dog , jigme, will heal fully . & i have lots of prayers & interfaith & over 90 herb medicines . so far no sores or leukemia or amputations occurred plus he is on prayers & herbs & healthy life . he was abused then got sick - he was not sick in itself - could be from past life or too much wormwood tincture - but almost all our vets are corrupt abusive , so on .

Please pray for Pippa

over a year ago by Jo Pray for me
In your faith and goodness please pray for Pippa Taylor. She has cancer of the bowel and liver and other complications. Please pray for a remearkable recovery from her bowel surgery so that she can begin chemotherapy. Please also support her little boy Freddie in your prayers- he needs his Mummy. Thank you.

Clear MRIs

over a year ago by Sarah McDonnell Pray for me
My 42 yr old beloved husband Paul was diagnosed with brain cancer in January. The tumour was removed surgically but we have been told it could return. Please pray for us that it never returns. He has MRI scans every 6 weeks, please by the grace of God can they stay clear. Thank you and Amen.

Please Pray for Derek+ for 90 days

over a year ago by Derek Solomon Pray for me
Holy Saint Jude Pray for Us. Amen. +

estudio gamagrama d?a 23 octubre 2015.

over a year ago by MA. ELENA ROJAS GONZALEZ Pray for me
Suplicarle a Dios que ya no salga ninguna c?lula cancer?gena en ninguna parte de su organismo de mi hija Andrea Elena Soto Rojas. Que la sane completamente del c?ncer de tiroides . Que sane Diosito todo lo que contribuy? a que ella se enfermara. Que nos perdone a nosotros sus padres si fu? por descuido que no la atendimos a tiempo. Que aumente su f? y se acerque m?s a Dios junto con sus hijos. Pedir la sanaci?n de todos los enfermos de c?ncer, sida, leucemia todas esas enfermedades incurables a los ojos de los humanos pero que para Dios nada es imposible.

Please pray for Derek

over a year ago by Derek Solomon Pray for me
Saint Jude pray for us. please hear my desperate request +++

Healing prayer

over a year ago by Pascale Pray for me
Please pray for my two dear friends with cancer "Scian and her mother Judith" I believe in the healing power of God and the intercession of our beloved Saint St Peregrine, and nothing is impossible to our God. Amen Thank you humbly and God blessings be upon you all. Pascale
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